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Found on June 10th 2010, the initiative of forming this organization primarily came from women who live in the Diaspora but recently returned to the country. The girls who are the masterminds of this important innovation are new in the country but they found relentless support and encouragement from girls in the country particularly the young girls who have recently graduated from local universities
This organization has the aim to consolidate the uncultivated ideas of the Somali women and girls towards empowerment of the Somali community and rebuilding the Somali civil-war devastated country. The organization also makes a chance to employ or play as volunteers for Somali local educated girls to demonstrate their talents and abilities to contribute to the wellbeing of their people.
The organization in addition to its primary objective of serving the Somali community in general, also aims to work particularly to the women who are among the most vulnerable of the Somali community under the current situation. It will particularly address the basic services, human rights, protection and advocacy, women/girls empowerment including the economic empowerment, needs of the women, the violence against women and contributing toward the enhancement of women participation in social spheres.
Legal Status (Registration Date, Registration Number and Registration Authority):
WISE Organization is currently registered under GalMudug State of Somalia with the line ministry MOWFA, with final registration number reading: MOWFA-0021-2014. The registration with Federal Government of Somalia (Banadir region) and Site-lite offices are serving as regional registrations with Baidoa and Hiran Region.  Thematic Areas of Focus
Human Rights/Protection
Economic Recovery & Development (ERD
Primary Health Care & reproductive health (HIV/AIDs)
WISE provides training and mentorship for TBAs (Traditional Birth Attendances) in    rural areas to support safe delivery
Environmental health & Conservation
The EH sector is recently established to serve the water, sanitation and hygiene needs in the IDPs camps and the rural areas. The water infrastructure developments and designs for HDWs with AFRIDEV hand pumps has already been developed together with household hygiene model
WISE has initiated a program called “Keep Girls in School” aimed at providing all the necessary non-educational support which will address the issues surrounded to one way or another to girl child education for instance sanitary pads. These are very essential for packages girls during maturation which has been embedded to have factor to increase of dropout as many families they cannot economically able afford to pay these expenses and girls feel shame to go to school. Apart from the formal sector ,WISE is major stakeholder in informal education sector as we have a lot of expertise in training women with life skills and connecting to the market and for some instance with kick start package. These skills include; carpentry, masonry, pluming, saloon and beauty services,   tailoring, cooking and teashop running.


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